Smile Gallery

Mrs. S's Story

Mrs. S presented to our office with a concern about the appearance of her smile. She requested a consultation to see what would be needed to complete a “smile makeover” After listening to the patients concerns and expectations, a comprehensive examination, full mouth radiographs, study models and photographs were taken.  At the consultation appointment, we shared our findings with the patient, explaining issues with tooth position and periodontal disease and reviewing the needed periodontal procedures, including length of treatment and cost.

Mrs. M's Story

Mrs. M was referred to our office by another general dentist who was concerned about the difficulty of Mrs. M’s case. As with all dental procedures, planning is essential. Following a thorough examination full mouth radiographs, study models and photographs,  Mrs. M was invited to our office to discuss her concerns and desires.  Her chief concerns revolved around the varying shades of her teeth, symmetry, gum recession and overall dissatisfaction with her smile.  After listening to Mrs. M’s concerns,we collaborated on a treatment plan to get Mrs. M to her stated goals.Initial therapy focused on dealing with her periodontal issues recession and decay around some existing crowns (picture #1 &#2).  As her tissues healed, it was important to address issues concerning her smile line, tooth exposure and lip support.  Custom provisional restorations were fabricated  to assist in the healing of the tissues, develop symmetrical profiles and contours as well as, aesthetic embrasures.  As her full mouth reconstruction continues, modifications to Mrs. M’s Provisional’s will be adjusted to her liking.


Mrs. M has completed the previsualization stage of her treatment and is now healing form the periodontal surgery. As you can see in the following photos, we are working with Mrs. M to gain symmetry and contour of her Provisionals and allowing her the opportunity to “test drive” her new smile and “bite” (occlusion). Upon her acceptance of her provisional smile, final impressions and delivery of final crowns will be initiated Stayed tuned for more updates!

Jacobs Story

Despite wearing a helmet, Jacob unfortunately had an ATV accident, that resulted in the loss of one of his central incisors and trauma the adjacent teeth. After spending the night in the hospital, Jacobs physicians released him to our care. In a tedious four-hour procedure, we were able to splint Jacob’s lose teeth and piece together the fragmented tissues with periodontal plastic surgery. The first several photographs show Jacob several weeks after his initial visit to our office with the splint intact. Because Jacob is an aspiring trumpet player a fixed provisional was indicated. Do to Jacob’s young age of 14, a permanent restoration including a bone graft, implant and crown cannot be completed until he reaches an age of 19. In the final photograph, one can see his fixed provisional in place. We are happy to announce that Jacob had a successful and enjoyable week at band camp.