Our philosophy of care is quite simple.  The highest quality of care is derived from a collaboration of the patient and doctor focusing on communication, education and practical experience.  Our facility is state of the art and we update our technology as it develops and is proven. It is maintained to the highest standards. Your comfort is our priority and we believe in having an uncluttered and open operatory allowing you to be treated without feeling isolated and uncomfortable.

     Our staff is here to serve you. We believe an informed patient allows us to provide the best care we possibly can. They are highly trained and are capable of answering both clinical and non-clinical questions.  Please make them aware of your needs, concerns or questions.

     Dr. Menendez is highly trained and qualified to perform a myriad of procedures.  He is dedicated to lifelong learning, but more importantly, he is here to listen to your needs, to inform you of his findings and help you attain the dental health you deserve.  We encourage you to review our bios and see for yourself!